100 Food Ideas

Delicious Cooking Ideas for Food fanatics

Food is an ultimate source of energy., but craving for healthy and hygienic food is important. Here are 100 food ideas for food fanatics that can make them healthy and look young and energetic.

Marijuana fried chicken

Nobody wants to eat the same boring food every day.  So why not try on a different type of chicken.  Eating a single kind of food with the same traditional spices and herbs are old fashioned.  This dish is an amalgamation of cannabis and chicken.  The chicken is so soft that it simply melts in your mouth and the taste of cannabis just explodes in your mouth.

Pancake taco hybrid

The start of the day should be energetic so why to eat boring food.

The delicious dish that is easy to make is pancake taco hybrid.  This dish is best for breakfast.  This dish is best and can replace your traditional breakfasts.  It contains fresh ingredients that can make your day ahead exciting and keeps you fresh.

Tortilla burgers

Wrapped tortilla burgers are mouth watering and extremely tempting.  This burger is juicy and crispy.  This burger is different from ordinary burgers.  The combination of beef and cheese with the crispy burger is marvelous.

Python topped pizza

This is the new addition for all the pizza lovers.  This mouth watery pizza contains python and alligator meat.  This pizza is slightly expensive because python meat is not cheap.  This taste of grilled python with melted cheese and vegetables is divine.

Vibrant healthy pizza

This pizza has lot colorful and healthy ingredients.  Perfect for kids , who do not eat vegetables.  Grilled or simply sautéed vegetables can be used along with chicken or meat.  This pizza is really easy to make.  This pizza has surely a lot of flavors, which your palate will sense.

Double sensation pizza

This pizza is gaining popularity among the youngster especially.  People love this double flavored pizza.  Customers can get the taste of two flavors in one pizza.  The dough is filled with turkey ham.  This pizza has so many ingredients and the taste of each ingredient can be felt with every bite.

Pizza ice-cream cones

This is a new invention.  The sight of pizza cones is salivating.  The dough is given the shape of a cone and it is filled with cheese, sausages, onions, olives, pepper, and bacon.  Then it is baked and ready to serve.  It is the favorite dish for late night parties.  It can be served as appetizer. This pizza cone is much easier to eat while traveling.

Pepperoni crusted pizza

This pizza is a best option for pepperoni lovers.  The golden crispy dough containing pepperoni is simply delicious.

Mega burger pizza

This dish provides the taste of pizza in burger.  This is a great food idea for burgers and pizza lovers; they can get both in one meal.

These foods are healthy and help to strengthen your immune system.  Eating healthy and pure food is a key to long and happy life.  These 100 food ideas will help you to choose the best meal every time you want to eat something exciting and tasty.

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