calories in one banana

The banana wonders for pregnant women. Not only better diet but an ideal diet is for the best baby health

calories in one bananaA dream to be a mother is an important one. But the dream to be a mother of a healthy baby is the best one. So you should have a look on some of the important baby health remedies in pregnancy.

Banana is very nutritious and easily affordable and available fruit. It is common in all seasons and is liked due to its numberless health benefits. High blood pressure scientifically called as hypertension is a very common health disease of the current era. Although, person with hypertension can lead a healthy life, if high blood pressure is managed and cured properly. To cure the high blood pressure the most important thing is the management of diet. Another important thing is to pick the one factor from so many factors which are causing high blood pressure.

Banana is very beautiful, delicious and precious food item.   It is one of the fruits which keep the body healthy and has countless health benefits. Even calories in a banana makes a huge difference. During pregnancy a number of changes occur in the body of the mother and to overcome and to manage the whole period of pregnancy a barnacled and healthy diet is necessary. During the nine months of pregnancy the weight of the mother increases and the nutritional requirements of the mother also increase because the fetus also has to get the nutrition from the mother’s diet. So to keep the pregnancy normal and to provide the enough nutrition to the fetus, it is essential to give a balanced die tot eh mother.

Good source of calcium

Banana is a good source of calcium, potassium and many other essential nutrients. Banana is a good source of calcium. Calcium is the basic requirement to make the fetus muscles and for bone development.

Folic acid

A banana is a good source of folic acid, which is the essential element for spinal cord and the nervous stem development of the fetus. It also protects from the premature birth and also lessens the complications of the birth.

Reduces the anemia and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are two very common complications of the pregnancy. In the first trimester of pregnancy the lady suffers from these complications. The iron and potassium content of the banana protect the lady from these and reduces the anemia and vomiting to a great extent. Although both these cannot be completely ended because these show the normal fetus development. After the first trimester these are ended by themselves.

Cures the constipation

During the nine months of pregnancy, constipation is a very common problem of the digestive system because the growing fetus and takes the more space in the mother’s abdomen and the intestines of the mother suppressed under the fetus and the space and area of the stomach also lessen due to the growing body of the fetus. Under these conditions constipation is very common and the mother feels uncomfortable. The fiber content of the banana reduces the constipation and keeps the intestines soft and working.



Columbia Property Management

Things you should consider while investing in South Carolina

You are going to make money on the grounds of the risk you choose but while this, you are going to need to minimize time spent on attending home should you be wanting to produce an investment in real-estate property. That requires creating intelligent picks right away when the investing property is being bought by you. In the economic scenarios that were unstable, a lot of people have found home expense an option that was good creating cash also although for not simply making riches. When you have a house, in case you bring in income onto it although that can be your riches, then that’s obviously the procedure for creating cash. The yields in the event of property expense come from revenue as well as the rise as time passes in the worth of your home.

You may need to sell the house due to some urgency at that time when its worth is down and you will have to settle the owed sum you owe to the creditor.
It’s possible for you to reduce these threats by paying your mortgage off when you possibly can and then your expense home will absolutely be safe.
The cash you’re making out of your property tends to decrease when the interest charges rise.
Is home expense without risk?
The financial institution can out of the blue request that you pay off the mortgage on the house in Property Management Columbia SC. Odds are, you will not be able to market the house or you will not get enough cash to hide the mortgage if you manage to market it.
You’ll be able to certainly grow cash by buying property but you have to understand there are definite dangers associated with property investment at the same time before you consider this. A few of these have already been discussed below:

Columbia Property Management
For those who have mortgaged your investment house through an identical bank you possess the house with, it may occur the financial institution would promote equally your attributes for proceeds time period in the event you do not spend your mortgage.
Added property management columbia expense & sc options
Property Management Columbia SC is the fast growing although modest state of America. Nc, Georgia, Savannah River and Atlantic Ocean surrounds it. Demographics and its place are creating it more critical for Usa that is entire. This state is not somewhat stronger than speed of growth in gross domestic product of the state and other large states of United States isn’t great. The national government is making attempts to soothe the economic system of the state utilizing geography and the natural possibility of the property. Its existence close to Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean is helping this state for hundreds of years. Each one of these variables have great influence on the property market of this state particularly in large cities like Charleston and Columbia.
There are a lot of methods to put money into property instead of placing it on hire and only directly purchasing the property. You can also put money into the funds which sell and purchase home. These funds can allow you to be own manufacturing plants, malls, office buildings or you also may also possess share funds in properties possessed by other people. You are going to be identified as the investor that will receive income if earnings are created on the rents obtained by the fund that is managed or in the event the creating or discuss comes at net income. In the event the fund value increases in the time you want to promote it besides this, you may receive capital gain. Property funds can be a means to grow cash by buying property. It provides you with the benefit of possessing the house but simply take treatment of its direction yourself or you do not have to locate the house. This kind of investing is intended for for the small-scale investors wishing to diversify their industrial home portfolio simply to cover the changes in the home.

Sweet chocolate cream in jar on table close-up

Stay less on Sugar this season: Go healthy!

You are aware of the general word sugar. Sugar is of many kinds including following

  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Simple carbohydrates
  • Monosaccharides
  • Galactose
  • Disaccharides
  • Sucrose
  • Lactose
  • Maltose

Sweet chocolate cream in jar on table close-up

Each of these sugars has important functions within the body. For example when food is eaten that contains single sugars like galactose, fructose, and glucose, these are directly absorbed into the blood. In case of eating double sugars like maltose, sucrose, and lactose, these are digested firstly that leads to chained chemical reactions. There are sugars that are derived from the vegetables, whole grains and fruits etc. Such sugars are different from the concentrated sugars like sucrose, dextrose & high fructose corn syrup present in the soda, candy, and refined foods. Sugars have good taste and provide energy, but this is not good for health. Refined and white sugars are especially not suitable for you. The fact behind this is that these sugars are consumed in massive quantities and contain no minerals or vitamins. There are just calories in sugars of these types which act as additives for excessive weight buildup.

Sugars are known to have following implications;

  • These depress immune system
  • These elevated levels of triglyceride
  • These interfere with natural chemistry of the body
  • These increased level of insulin
  • These promote obesity
  • These increase the risks for heart diseases, high BP, cholesterol, and diabetes
  • Excessive sugars lead to copper and chromium deficiencies
  • These raise the levels of adrenaline
  • Tooth decay is also promoted due to these sugars

Most prominently sugars promote obesity. This is the alarming fact if you are currently obese and use excessive sugars. This is due to calories in sugar that build up pounds. You need to maintain a balanced utilization of sugars. Little amount of sugars is enough as too much use leads to health risks.

When you consume excessive sugars you run a higher risk of gaining weight. Obese people have greater chances of putting up additional fats due to the use of calories in sugar. The following table describes extent of calories in 3 types of sugars;

Simple sugar 387 16 (4.2 grams)
Powdered sugar 389 11 (3 grams) unpacked
Brown sugar 380 10 (2.5 grams)


From this table, you can analyze that which sugar is suitable for you. A list of calories present in each 100 grams of respective sugars along with that in 1 teaspoon is given. You can yourself judge which one is good for you.

When the body metabolizes calories in sugar, these are drawn upon the minerals and vitamins reserves of the body. Upon utilization of those reserves, metabolization of the fatty acids and good cholesterol is impeded that contributes to high blood-serum, triglycerides & bad cholesterol. When sugar is consumed regularly and consistently this leads top obesity. It promotes hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and diabetes. The endocrine system is also affected along with glands like pancreas, liver and adrenal glands that cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. Excessive sugars upset the mineral balance of the body. As per experts amount of sugars consumption per day must be reduced to 50 grams i.e. 13 teaspoons. These 50 grams contains about 200-calories out of the diet. Help your body in fewer fats build up by controlling a level of sugars intake.

If you want to be updated about calories then keep visiting


Make yourself productive while sitting at home through SEO

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However, a lot of among you have an idea or more than that about this outstanding invention by George Montagu Brown but for those who are new and reading this article for the very first time, Third version of Google Sniper a course revolving purely around affiliate marketing and advertising. The technique involved in this application is that it is made in a way to rank small niche sites on the very first page of a popular search engine in as to gain maximum hits, this course helps you reach millions of internet users within seconds. The full benefit of such sniping method is to produce enormous amounts of these small websites.

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Few Tips for online gaming

These days trend of online gaming is increasing everyday and children are more interested in online games but have you ever try to ensure that they are playing safe games?

There are a number of games that children want to play immediately. Adult children today with interactive technology – they can pick up and learn to use a new game in a few minutes, and be entertained fortunately for hours.

Like most parents and guardians know, it aims not only video games on children. For older players and games containing, for example, and the scenes of violence or insults, obviously, it is not suitable for children five years to play these games. All games sold in the world has the age and content ratings, called PEGI system information to help you decide if it’s right for your family game, but if you were not familiar with the system classification, can be felt as a kind of minefield.

While video games are a common site in most households, do not forget the growing popularity of online games, where young people are able to interact with other players over the Internet. Parents need to reflect on what they have online games their children access to it, and keep in mind about how to communicate with others while playing online.

Latest emerging word is “social games” – and there are many dedicated sites and forums where players can chat, and integrate with each other. In fact, most online games now have a chat or messaging tools, so that players can exchange their ideas freely while competing; some games even offer a complete voice communications, so it is essential that you are aware of these kinds of games for children to play and who were playing with him.

Video games can be a social, interactive and fun for the whole family context, but the best way to ensure that children and adolescents are playing games is taking an active interest in what they are playing.

The most important advice for safe Games

  1. Get to the PEGI system (Pan-European Games Information) rating to make sure you know what the symbols mean. PEGI ratings give an indication of the type of content found in the game and their qualifications;
  2. Explain to your children how the online environment is different from home or school playground. Children will meet strangers online – some that may not be who they say they are. Often chat will be uncensored, so you should be careful what they say and be careful not to give details such as name, address, e-mail, passwords and phone numbers or the name of the school.
  3. Know what kids are playing games. There are several different types of game today, including sports games, strategy games, role-playing and first-person shooter.
  4. Involved with what their children are playing, especially on the Internet. Ask them to show any new games you want to play, and better yet, join yourself;
  5. Seize any parental control settings built into the game or the console or PC. These tools allow you to limit gaming options. You can restrict the age rating games you are satisfied that your child plays, and even the content filtering rule of the specific warnings PEGI content. Some controls also let you avoid play and interact online. Refer to the instruction manual for the game console to see how these controls can be transmitted;
  6. Be aware of the communication of their children online. Make a point of asking those who are chatting online, and how to meet them and so on. Do not take the safety of their children for granted when they were playing online. Apply the same precautions you would if you were playing outside the house and interact with others. Do not allow your children to a meeting with the “Friends” have met while playing online – remember, not everyone is who they claim to be.
  7. Make sure you know how to report rape or inadequate customer support or content or gaming sites used by their children held computers;
  8. Do not underestimate the cyber bullying. If you are being harassed by any person online then you have the right to complaint against him. So register the complaint.

Women’s Guide For 2015

Complete fashion statement 2015

Jewelry, shoes, makeup is women’s first love.  These are the only things that attract a woman. As spring is here, so here is a complete women’s guide for 2015 for all the ladies on how they can make themselves prettier by using simple tips about makeup, hairstyle, dressing, and jewelry.

2015 makeup and hair trends

2015 is all about subtle and natural look .Women should keep it simple this spring by applying natural colored foundation or simply the skin glow to add that sparkling touch to the skin.

For the eyes winged, Arabian, feline, Egyptian, double-up and pin-up eyeliner styles are in.  The type of eyeliner totally depends on the shape of your eyes.  Electric blue color is gaining popularity among women.  Blue color can be applied on the top and bottom of the eyes to give sensational look to your eyes.

For the lips, shades of red, peach, and pink are in.  Matte is preferred over the glossy lip colors.  No lip liners are in use this year.  Simply by coordinating the colors an ordinary looking woman can be transformed into a model.  With the arrival of spring, many vibrant colors are now in fashion that can be used in multiple ways to enhance the beauty.

Earthy colors are more in fashion to be applied as eye shadows.  With these colors mostly winged or the luxe type of eyeliner is applied.

Hair-do guide

For hairstyles, pin-curl hair-do,  messy hair bun and side buns are more in style these days. Threes hair-do goes with mostly every kind of dress.

On the other hand, loose curls with damp hair are popular these days.  The concept of sleek straight hair is fading away this spring.  A woman now prefers messy hair-do.  Pony-tails are also in.  Different accessories like floral pins, beads, laces can be fixed in the pony-tails to make it more attractive.



From rings to necklaces to ear cuffs, a woman has it all.  This 2015 is all about looking glamorous and sensational.  Accessories add an X-factor to the overall look.

Necklaces are in this year.  Glittery, colorful, beaded necklaces that can be worn with any dress type. Ear cuffs have gain popularity this year.  The look is definitely incomplete with rings.  These days bold, giant, colorful rings are in fashion.  Dual rings are also in use.  The right kind of accessory with the right kind of dress can cast a magic spell.


Dress guide

Dazzling, colorful, pleated dresses are more in style.  Different fabrics are incorporated in a single dress to give it a more chic look.  Jumpsuits with glittery belts and jackets are much in.  The jumpsuits are mostly plain, where the belt and the shiny jackets can add swag.

This 2015 is all about playing with colors and fabrics of different kind.  Women have said goodbye to those plain, simple, and straight dresses.  Flare and flow have taken place this year.  If these dresses can be paired with the appropriate type of shoes, accessory, makeup, and handbag, then nobody can stop you from becoming the center of attention of everyone around.  This is a complete women’s guide for 2015 that will help every woman around to correct their fashion sense.

Wall Mart strategy

Wall-Mart strategy to excel in Laundry soap segment

Wall-Mart Store has become famous as the largest retailer of the world. In current years, however, Wall-Mart mended with that principle to appeal to an additional upmarket audience — bringing in lovelier trends and organic foods, garnish its assortment of low price objects, and hyping its environmental standards.

The Wall-mart recently announced that it is concentrating again on its trademark “daily low prices” approach, and widening the range of products it brings this year by 8,500 items, beginning from dry groceries items such as snacks, and beverages to almost all household products such as detergents and laundry soap products. Wall Mart strategy to excel in Laundry soap segment is to bring the new high quality and huge variety of different laundry soaps and detergents in the store. Wall-mart will also soon be adding goods in its fresh foods cases as well as health and fitness aisles, followed by extended offerings in sporting goods, entertainment and plus-size clothing as the holidays approach. And in the recent months, the mega-retailer Wall-Mart launched its “ad match” policy yet, challenging to offer the lowest prices presented by any market competitor.

When it comes to the environment, laundry soaps and detergents comes in mind because these are the basic tools to keep the environments clean and healthy. Wal-Mart’s dealers have often fallen far short of best experiences. But nowadays the chain is trying to rise up its performance by offering more environmental products such as soaps and detergents as well as other laundry items. One part where it is done the most is laundry detergent and soap. In few past years, Wall-Mart set its strategy to excel in Laundry soap segment and switched to selling only concentrated laundry soaps and detergents in its U.S. stores — these products utilize up to 50 % less packaging and need less fuel for the transportation than the previous versions. Once again, scale matters: Wall-mart has a thoughtful carbon footmark, so cutting laundry soaps and detergents containers by half can have a big influence.

Wall-mart has taken steps to struggle phosphates, which unclean the water and lead to an eruption of the algae populace that harms fish’s habitats and plant life. The corporation already states there are no phosphates in their laundry soaps and detergents they sells in their stores and it has set an objective of cutting the quantity of phosphates in the laundry soap and detergent it sells in all of South and North America up to 70 %. Moreover, Wall-mart is functioning with contractors to raise the concentration of its laundry soap and detergent by twice to three times by the end of the year further decreasing packaging and fuel intake. And Wall-Mart has revealed wider creativities to advance its eco-image. The company initiated increasing a sustainability index in collaboration with numerous other large stores and numerous manufacturers and universities that will ultimately rank all of its contractors and products based on their environmental influence. Though the full ranks are not disclosed yet, Fast Company has called the enterprise “one of the most inspiring things we have seen a big box store lead — ever.” A campaign assistant at the Organic Consumers Association, Minnesota-based customer advocacy group Mr. Honor Schauland alleges that “Walmart is taking some significant steps, even though they have still got a long way to go.” Which means that Wall-Mart strategy to excel in Laundry soap segment is a wide and have very high aim to get the success among the other world class stores.

The Secret To Get Looking Younger Skin

What Is The Secret To Get Looking Younger Skin?

Everybody wishes to have a younger looking skin and there is nobody who can tolerate to live with wrinkly and aged skin. When you reach your late thirties and forties, you have to deal with drooped skin around the jawline, the eyes and your skin loses luster and volume. You reach an age in which elasticity is no longer a part of your skin. At this point, using over-the-counter skin care products will not help at all. If only you had taken care of your skin before… Well, it is not the end of the world, you can always follow the secrets to get younger skin. Have a look at some of them:

Stay hydrated

As we tend to age, the skin starts losing its ability of retaining water. If you are not consuming 8 ounces of water per day, you are not just doing harm to your body, but your skin too. Water not just makes your skin clear, but also has some anti-aging effects.

Oils are good for your skin

Some people think that oil is the last thing they want on their face but it is only excessive oil that is harmful for the skin. Not many people know that oiling can help in making your skin younger and offer a radiant complexion. It helps boost moisture, reduce inflammation and combat wrinkles.

Oatmeal and your skin

Oatmeal is not just good to consume in breakfast, it can also be applied on the skin. It has remarkable anti-aging effects. It is rich in omega 3, fiber, iron, antioxidants and glucan. It is an effective remedy for treating irritated skin, sunburn, eczema and even wrinkles. Regular application of oatmeal can promote beautiful and healthy look skin.

Cleansing and moisturizing

With time, your skin renews itself. You probably have lots of dead skin cells on your face which won’t fall off themselves, you will have to cleanse and moisturize your skin. This will remove all the pollutants that are stuck in your pores and even help remove dead skin cells.

Skin healing

Skin discoloration, scars and craters might be a part of skin aging but that does not mean you cannot do anything about them. Instead of hiding these imperfections, the right way to treat them is to make your skin heal. Skin experts say that in your daily moisturizer, sprinkle some turmeric powder. It will help in slowing down the process of aging as your skin will heal. It is even effective in healing acne, eczema, blackheads and other skin problems.

Along with the secrets to get younger skin, daily exercising, eating healthy meal combined with fruits and vegetables is necessary. Stress and lack of sleep can also influence the health of the skin. Similarly, smoking and consumption of alcohol can make your skin age earlier. Even if you follow the secrets to having younger skin, but your diet is not good, or you smoke a lot, it will influence your skin. Precaution is always better than cure, so if you want a younger looking skin, follow these beauty secrets.

Samsung And Apple

Samsung Vs Apple 2015

Samsung and Apple both have released two major smartphones in the market and most people just can’t make up their minds about which one of these smartphones to buy. To some people both these smartphones look very similar – big with shiny finish.

Comparing the build and design of both the smartphones it can be noticed that the new Samsung Smartphone, Galaxy S6 look very much like the iPhone 6. It has the same round edges that are brushed with the look of metal as featured by the Apple’s iPhone 6. From the front both of them almost look similar but once you flip it you will see the difference in design. iPhone 6 has a brushed metal look at the back where as Samsung decided to go with the a mirror finish for their Galaxy S6. Even though Samsung described this finish to be something great but the truth is that the public is not very thrilled about this mirrored finish as it picks up too many fingerprints very quickly.  Whereas the brushed metal back for the iPhone 6 is much more practical.

Speaking of the screens and displays of both the smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 5.1 inches 2k QHD Super AMOLED screen. On the other hand the iPhone 6 has a screen which is 4.7 inches diagonally and is 1334 x 750 IPS LCD. So in this category Samsung definitely beat iPhone with their 2K resolution which was also featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Even though it is true that the Samsung S6 display is bigger than that of iPhone 6’s but still Samsung S6 has a better pixel density than the iPhone 6

Moving on to power, Samsung Galaxy has a 64-nit octa core processor that is Exynos 7420, accompanied by the GPU of Mali T760 and a 3GB RAM. On the other side the iPhone 6 has an Apple A8 processor that is actually 64 bit dual core with the frequency of 1.4 GHz. The GPU housed in the iPhone 6 is a PowerVR GX6450. To accompany this iPhone has a RAM of 1 GB. Looking at this data it is clear that he punchy A8 processor in iPhone is not as cool as processor that is present in Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with three different versions of storages with the lowest being 32 GB and the highest being 128 GB. To nobody’s surprise there is no SD card support in this one. Apple’s iPhone comes in three different versions of storages but the lowest one in 16GB. Like Samsung S6, there is not SD card support.

Samsung Galaxy S6 has the rear camera with the resolution of 16 mega pixels and a 5 mp front camera. On the other hand iPhone 6 has an 8 mp rear camera. It is a fact that Samsung S6’s camera has a better resolution but iPhone can take some really great pictures thanks to the amazing camera technology Apple owns.

To sum up things it can be said that both these phones are great in their own ways but their features clearly that there are some areas where Samsung Galaxy S6 trumps Apple iPhone 6. With a better screen resolution and power and storage, Samsung s6 seems to be a better choice.

100 Food Ideas

Delicious Cooking Ideas for Food fanatics

Food is an ultimate source of energy., but craving for healthy and hygienic food is important. Here are 100 food ideas for food fanatics that can make them healthy and look young and energetic.

Marijuana fried chicken

Nobody wants to eat the same boring food every day.  So why not try on a different type of chicken.  Eating a single kind of food with the same traditional spices and herbs are old fashioned.  This dish is an amalgamation of cannabis and chicken.  The chicken is so soft that it simply melts in your mouth and the taste of cannabis just explodes in your mouth.

Pancake taco hybrid

The start of the day should be energetic so why to eat boring food.

The delicious dish that is easy to make is pancake taco hybrid.  This dish is best for breakfast.  This dish is best and can replace your traditional breakfasts.  It contains fresh ingredients that can make your day ahead exciting and keeps you fresh.

Tortilla burgers

Wrapped tortilla burgers are mouth watering and extremely tempting.  This burger is juicy and crispy.  This burger is different from ordinary burgers.  The combination of beef and cheese with the crispy burger is marvelous.

Python topped pizza

This is the new addition for all the pizza lovers.  This mouth watery pizza contains python and alligator meat.  This pizza is slightly expensive because python meat is not cheap.  This taste of grilled python with melted cheese and vegetables is divine.

Vibrant healthy pizza

This pizza has lot colorful and healthy ingredients.  Perfect for kids , who do not eat vegetables.  Grilled or simply sautéed vegetables can be used along with chicken or meat.  This pizza is really easy to make.  This pizza has surely a lot of flavors, which your palate will sense.

Double sensation pizza

This pizza is gaining popularity among the youngster especially.  People love this double flavored pizza.  Customers can get the taste of two flavors in one pizza.  The dough is filled with turkey ham.  This pizza has so many ingredients and the taste of each ingredient can be felt with every bite.

Pizza ice-cream cones

This is a new invention.  The sight of pizza cones is salivating.  The dough is given the shape of a cone and it is filled with cheese, sausages, onions, olives, pepper, and bacon.  Then it is baked and ready to serve.  It is the favorite dish for late night parties.  It can be served as appetizer. This pizza cone is much easier to eat while traveling.

Pepperoni crusted pizza

This pizza is a best option for pepperoni lovers.  The golden crispy dough containing pepperoni is simply delicious.

Mega burger pizza

This dish provides the taste of pizza in burger.  This is a great food idea for burgers and pizza lovers; they can get both in one meal.

These foods are healthy and help to strengthen your immune system.  Eating healthy and pure food is a key to long and happy life.  These 100 food ideas will help you to choose the best meal every time you want to eat something exciting and tasty.